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[ガイド] [ZD3] ZD3(K:42) is looking for brothers!

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ポストオン 2016-09-23 20:09:46 | このスレッドスターターだけ見る

☆ ZD3 ☆

Hi guys, i had opened a new guild today and we are looking for much, friendly, team player and loyal mates. ZD3 should be a guild, that is fixated on interaction!

Family: ZoD, ZD2
Members: 13/100
Status: Open
Default language: All languages

Requirements: Cute dealing with your brothers, loyalty, help mutually.

*It does not matter how much power you have or how good you are, with us only counts the cohesion!

If this is exactly what you're looking for, then come into the family ! Everyone is welcome!